Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

09 October, 2018, 05:04 | Author: Katrina Soto
  • Watch live: Final Senate vote on Kavanaugh nomination

On Friday, close to 100 people gathered outside Boise City Hall to protest Kavanaugh's then-impending confirmation, according to KTVB.

Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, the only Republican to oppose the nominee, voted "present", offsetting the absence of Kavanaugh supporter Steve Daines of Montana, who was attending his daughter's wedding.

As calculating eyes turn to the elderly and ever-more fragile Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, people on both sides of the aisle will be asking themselves if the United States is on the cusp of a conservative shift not seen since President Reagan elevated Justice Rehnquist to Chief Justice. Soon, Capitol Hill police started arresting some protesters. They chanted, "Vote them out!"

About 1,000 protesters occupied the Capitol steps on Saturday, some willingly arrested and loaded into police buses.

Demonstrators began shouting "I do not consent" as the roll call on Kavanaugh began. Manchin is running for re-election in his traditionally Republican state. As one woman was removed from the gallery, her bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the chamber as the vote paused, waiting for quiet to resume.

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court after days of voting.

US Senate voted 50-48 in favour of Kavanaugh. "Later today, I will sign his Commission of Appointment, and he will be officially sworn in".

By a vote of 50-48, the Senate gave a lifetime job to Kavanaugh, 53, after weeks of fierce debate over sexual violence, privilege and alcohol abuse that convulsed the nation just weeks before congressional elections on November 6.

Speaking after the vote, McConnell said the protests against Kavanaugh over the past several weeks have "turned our base on fire".

With divisive cases on abortion rights, immigration, transgender rights and business regulation headed for the court, Kavanaugh likely would give conservatives the upper hand. Susan Collins, a Republican swing vote who was the deciding vote in Kavanaugh's confirmation. I believe her. I am ashamed at the Republican's treatment of Dr. Ford, and the rushed, incomplete investigation that came out of it.

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Trump, throughout the day, insisted Kavanagh would not be tainted by the sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford and others that almost tanked his nomination. The letter criticized Kavanaugh's temperament during questioning about Ford's allegations.

"I do hope that it reminds us that we can take very small steps to be gracious with one another and maybe those small gracious steps can lead to more", she said. I think she's got a level of respect that's unbelievable. "Only this time, instead of drunk college kids, it is US Senators who are deliberately ignoring his behaviour".

After the vote Saturday afternoon, Kavanaugh was confirmed to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Sen.

"As I said when I met Judge Kavanaugh, I am confident he will uphold the values of the Constitution to the highest standard", Roberts said.

But the Kavanaugh spectacle, fueled by extraordinary accusations and counter-claims in nationally televised hearings, and tense battles over an 11th-hour FBI investigation to address the assault allegations, has inflamed political passions. He also said Ford cheated on him and used his credit card for a year after they broke up, lying about it when confronted. We heard belligerence. We heard evasiveness.

With his second Supreme Court nominee approved by the Senate, President Donald Trump has secured yet another victory that will in all probability boost GOP results in next month's midterm elections. That rare procedural manoeuvre left Kavanaugh with the same two-vote margin he'd have had if Murkowski and Daines had both voted.

In 1881, Justice Stanley Matthews prevailed in a vote of 24-23.

Before the sexual accusations grabbed the Senate's and the nation's attention, Democrats had argued that Kavanaugh's rulings and writings as an appeals court judge had raised serious concerns about his views on abortion rights and a president's right to bat away legal probes.

They also challenged the veracity of some of his Judiciary Committee testimony.



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Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court justice
The Maine senator is under enormous pressure to vote for Kavanaugh, and she has indicated that she is leaning in that direction. As the clerk read names in alphabetical order on a procedural vote to move the nomination forward, all eyes were on Murkowski.

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Kavanaugh Confirmation Likely - Collins: Yes; Manchin: Yes; Flake: Probably
In public testimony last week Prof Ford said she had been assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh when they were both teenagers in 1982. Daines told CNN GOP leaders "have literally not said how they will manage" his absence for the vote.

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