Westworld Season 2 Is Shaping Up For A Brutal War

05 February, 2018, 06:23 | Author: Raquel Nash
  • 'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer to Debut During Super Bowl

You can tell because, as you may recall last season, the offices of Delos Incorporated were demolished by Maeve (Thandie Newton) and her crew.

Evan Rachel Wood, 30, stars and narrates the Super Bowl teaser for HBO's Westworld which premiered during the big game on Sunday, February 4. Its creator was dead, its hosts had suddenly gained the ability to actually harm the human guests (to the delight of Ed Harris' Man In Black), and at least one host infiltrated the massive behind-the-scenes complex that operates the park.

Killer robots, scenic vistas and rampaging android bulls - Westworld has revealed its eagerly awaited season 2 Super Bowl trailer. We've lived by your rules long enough. We can save this world. For now, we are stoked that we finally received a substantial piece of news regarding Westworld Season 2.

We do see plenty of familiar faces, including Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who appears with a disturbing-looking, in-development host walking behind him. It was unclear at the time how much of that footage would be included in the show's second season. It soon becomes that the hosts are not happy with the things they discovered in the first season of the show.

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Even though there were many theories that guessed Westworld season two would be set in a different world-such as Samurai World-it seems that the next edition of the show will remain in the wild, wild west.

Watch the trailer yourself and let your personal countdown to April 22 begin.

There are obviously still many mysteries to unravel about what Season 2 will bring, and how deep it will go into more of the park's secrets. Sound off in the comments section below, and keep checking THR.com/Westworld for more coverage of the HBO drama.



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