No Pulling Out, TDP to Stall Parliament

05 February, 2018, 06:28 | Author: Manuel Hopkins
  • Chandrababu Naidu

But the party won't opt out of the alliance yet, TDP sources said. In the Parliamentary Board meeting, it was made a decision to fight for the rights of Andhra Pradesh even if it means stalling the Parliament.

Naidu had spoken to Shiva Sena president Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday over phone and explained the step-motherly treatment meted out by the BJP.

The Telugu Desam Party, upset over 'injustice to Andhra Pradesh in the union budget 2018-19, yesterday said it would raise the issue in parliament. Amit Shah will talk to you regarding this. The Union home minister's gambit appears to have paid off as Naidu appears to have assured Rajnath the alliance between the two parties is intact for now. "Many state issues like the Polavaram project funding and funds for capital Amaravati were not addressed in the budget", YS Chowdhary, the Minister of State for Science and Technology, was quoted by NDTV. "We will fulfil all that has been promised to the people of Andhra Pradesh". How long should the state wait for justice?

"Because of coalition dharma, we are keeping quiet", said Naidu.

Earlier, Chandrababu asked MPs to fight in Parliament and voice the injustice done to the state.

A meeting of the Telegu Desam Party's parliamentary board was called in Amaravati ostensibly to take a call on continuing in the BJP-led NationalDemocratic Alliance.

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Some bifurcation-related issues also came up for discussion and Mr Shah, it was learnt, was told that if not sorted out, the Opposition could use them against the NDA.

"BJP does not care for southern states". Asked if a "divorce" with the BJP was imminent, Chowdary said: "I suggest the media should never anticipate, or think of, a divorce".

The TDP leaders told the Chief Minister that huge funds were allocated to Karnataka and Maharashtra for metro rail project while no mention of AP in this regard.

The Indian Express reported that the TDP chief might also hold a meeting soon, possibly this Sunday or in the coming week to review the party's alliance with BJP.

Chandrababu Naidu and TDP chief said his party is ready to chart its own course if the BJP is not keen to continue with the alliance.



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