Samsung The Wall unveiled as the future of TV

09 January, 2018, 00:43 | Author: Brenda Erickson
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The message Samsung aimed to deliver today: We're on the bleeding edge of the future of TV.

Instead of LCD or OLED, The Wall uses MicroLED.

Is MicroLED an instant OLED killer? No. At 146-inches, it's more than double the size of most home sets. In fact, Samsung had muscle in place to make sure journalists and nosy cameras didn't get too close. Each pixel on the 146-inch screen is just over 0.8 millimeters, or small enough that you won't be able to see them individually unless you're a foot or two away (which isn't recommended for a TV that's over 11 feet across, diagonally).

Samsung, however, said it isn't just about size and insane resolutions, but its new TV is also about technological innovations that can well redefine the entire TV segment as a whole. Both outlined Samsung's vision of the future - one in which TV displays deliver brilliant visuals and also evolve to integrate seamlessly into people's lives. We saw some handsome imagery on display, with deep blacks, blazing brightness, intense detail, and near-perfect off-angle viewing. That's why a jump from 42 to 55 to 65 inches for TVs can be a few hundred dollars for each step, but moving from 65 inches to 75 inches tacks several thousand dollars onto the price.

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It lets consumers enjoy just about any movie or TV show on any channel in 8K resolution regardless of native resolution or method of transmission.

AN ENORMOUS television you can piece together like a jigsaw puzzle to cover an entire wall is among the futuristic screen technology revealed in the lead-up to the world's biggest technology show. To prove its point, Samsung showed an 85-inch 4K QLED next to an 85-inch 8K QLED, each upscaling the same content, be it 720P, 1080P, or 4K. Still, we don't think this is the most exciting news Samsung has to share this year. Perhaps we'll find out more this week as CES progresses.

What that means for the average human being is that the TV doesn't need a backlight. It's significantly better picture quality than we expected, and, since these will be the TVs within reach to most consumers this year, it's really more important.

Bixby is an intelligent assistant platform developed by Samsung, enables easier interaction between the TV and its users, thanks to its intuitive UX, and comprehensive voice analysis capabilities. Imagine un-boxing your new TV and having a phone app automatically share Wi-Fi settings and instantly log you into your favorite streaming apps. Samsung is also keeping quiet about the technical aspects of how these multiple panels will connect, or what kind of software will support the varied resolutions and shapes offered by the modular design. Be sure to follow all of DT's coverage of CES at our website and through live broadcasts at our YouTube channel.



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