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How Spain-Catalonia standoff has evolved

05 October, 2017, 00:57 | Author: Lamar Ellis
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Other Spanish banks, telecommunications giant Telelefonica, fashion retailer Inditex and leading energy companies Repsol, Iberdrola and Gas Natural also suffered significant losses.

The king's televised speech is extremely unusual.

European Union: According to The Washington Post, the European Union saw the independence referendum as a violation of Spanish law, and anxious about how the move would affect relations between Spain and Catalonia.

The democratic and humane values of the European Union (EU) are being put to test and may even threaten the integrity of the bloc, following the referendum by people of Catalonia, who recently voted in favor of their province's independence from Spain.

Thirty three police officers were also injured in Sunday's clashes, Catalan medical officials said.

A spokeswoman for the Socialists and Democrats Party said the Spanish constitution needed to be recognised and respected.

Puigdemont repeated his calls for dialogue and mediation with Madrid but said his government was still planning to take the results of the referendum to the Catalan parliament over the next few days to prepare for a declaration of independence.

The referendum's tallies could not be independently verified; the voting registers used were based on a census whose validity is contested; and, most important, Spain's constitutional court had ordered that the referendum be suspended.

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Puigdemont called on Madrid to remove its police forces, which Catalans criticized as having overreacted on Sunday, and said that he would open an investigation into their actions.

Catalan leaders are mulling a possible declaration of independence following the poll, but Spain's government has said it will respond with "all necessary measures" against defiance.

According to the Catalan government, which announced the referendum results early Monday, 90 percent of the voters chose independence. However, it warned Catalonia that if it declared independence it would find itself outside the EU.

CUP is not a part of the Catalan government, which is formed by two mainstream separatist parties.

Police fired rubber bullets in Barcelona as they charged protesters who wanted to vote in the independence vote which was banned by Spain's central government and the courts, witnesses told AFP. Brexit talks are faltering but Theresa May's government is intent on waving ciao/adios/au revoir/auf wiedersehen to the union - which will have to say goodbye to its second largest economy.

Carles Puigdemont said the regional parliament was planning to declare independence within days.

Authorities in Madrid insisted the police response had been proportionate.

On Tuesday, the King delivered a stern warning in a TV address, saying Catalan leaders had acted "outside the law" and accusing them of "unacceptable disloyalty" for pressing ahead with their moves towards secession.



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